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Client Case Study: Queens Hood Cleaning Pros

One of the great things about our business services is that we get to work with clients all over the country. Not only that, but we also have the opportunity to help in diverse areas of any given company. Some we help with recruiting, some we help with process optimization, and others we provide training. Today’s post is about our client Queens Hood Cleaning Pros and how we helped them with talent acquisition.

Queens Hood Cleaning Pros came to us a few weeks ago looking to hire hood cleaners in Queens, New York. Their company is a few years old and is growing very rapidly, faster than they can plan for. Everyday they’re getting an increasing volume of calls, which was becoming too much to handle without more help. As a leading provider of New York hood cleaning, their employees need to be up to speed on the latest techniques, certifications, and training for the industry. Sanitizing kitchen exhaust and cleaning vent hoods may sound simple, but it’s a critical piece of any restaurant or commercial kitchen’s operation. Queens Hood Cleaning Pros’ goal is to help client pass their health inspections and maintain a sparkling kitchen.

Our first step was to discuss all the requirements the company was looking for in the ideal candidate. This included proper certifications, a vehicle for transportation to and from customer estimate locations, and a teamwork attitude. Using a variety of job sites like Monster, Career Builder, and Indeed, we were able to source 25 quality candidates within one week. Through interviews over the phone and in person, we were able to screen 15 people out. Afterwards, we provided the top 10 candidates to the owner of Queens Hood Cleaning Pros to speak with. Of those candidates, they selected 5 to hire right away. Our business service in this instance was a great success, made easier by how smoothly we collaborated with the company on the project.