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About Our Group

Scan N Store provides a variety of business services, such as scanning, storage, consulting, business plan creation, marketing, and more.

Our primary goal has always been to support small businesses. We believe that the best way to do that is to offer strong services that companies can reliably outsource to. When you can trust a vendor to always deliver a prompt, effective service, it frees you up to focus on more value-producing activities.

We have clients all over the United States, but a good example of our service in action is a client of ours in Sarasota named Luke. He ran a warehouse business that required employees to unload pallets of inventory, categorize and review all of it, then list each item on line one by one. He was having a hard time finding “listers” to get the products onto eBay to sell them.

We hired and trained employees on the eBay process for him and offered it to his company as a service. Now, Luke manages his eBay store more easily because we’ve been able to handle the most time-consuming piece of it, listing stuff! With time to focus on value-adds, Luke has been able to triple revenue in just under 2 years by finding new industry contacts to work with.

Although we can’t take all the credit for Luke’s success, our ability to provide an effective business service to his small business allowed for a growth opportunity he may not have otherwise achieved in such a short timeframe.

From a simple scan and storage solution to more complex business planning, our consultants can help with whatever you need. The contact page has the best email to find us on. Or you can call (646) 203-4958 for more details.